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Chief Khalsa Diwan

Charitable Society

It is a Central Organization of various Singh Sabhas spread all over Punjab with the mission to promote the aspirations and redress grievances of the Sikh public, settle their religious differences and channelize Sikh public opinion. Its primary aim is to promote the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, educational and economic welfare of the Sikhs as well as to safe-guard the political rights by making the Government aware of the problems, needs and grievances of the Sikh community.
At one of the Educational Conferences held by the Diwan, it was decided to set up English-medium Public Schools to cater the needs and demands of the public. A resolution was passed to this effect and in pursuance of this resolution, the first such school was started at the G.T Road, Amritsar. To expand and extend the services of the Diwan and to facilitate the rural areas, these schools were opened in other parts of the State, mostly in rural and backward areas. The focus is on the over-all development of the children and impart a qualitative education that molds the young minds and provides a launching pad to seek a brilliant and bright future.

Dr. Inderbir Singh Nijjar


President's Message

The motto for my service to Chief Khalsa Diwan Charitable Society for the years to come shall be "Sikhi-te-Sikhya" (Spread of Sikhism and Education).

The educational system in the country has been facing hardships from the past several years due to lack of better facilities and opportunities for the youth to excel in their fields of interests. As a matter of fact, overall economic growth has remained disconnected from employment generation noting that young people continue to suffer from persistent unemployment and lack of quality job opportunities even after attaining best education. It is my personal belief that it is high time that such established organizations like Chief Khalsa Diwan Charitable Society must invest heavily into skill oriented education that help achieve the goals of utmost employment in the country. For this purpose, CKDCS has engaged in an Retd. IAS officer who will help to set up enough skill development centers for the students to benefit.