Bhai Veer Singh Ji
(1872 - 1957)

He was born on Dec. 05, 1872, in Amritsar to father S. Charan Singh S/o Baba Kahan Singh and Mother Uttam Kaur. His maternal grandfather Giani Hazari Singh was a highly learned person having wide knowledge of Persian, Hindi, Brij and Sanskrit languages. His father Dr. Charan Singh was also a prodigyin hindi, Sanskrit, Brij, English and Persian languages. His highly literate family had a constructive impact on his impressionable mind. He was married to Bibi Chattar Kaur in 1886 and did his matriculation from ‘Church Mission School’ in 1891. He was a multi facted personality, architect of modern Punjabi literature, saint poet, highly contemplative, humanitarian, excellent administrator, futuristic, substantial supporter of Punjabi culture, Sikh history and Sikhism. He amended the fundamental compositions of ancient and medieval Punjabi literature and made the community service as laid down in Sikh philosophy as the main subject of his literacy compositions.

As a member of Singh Sabha and CKD, he not only provided positive leadership but also guided these establishments with a historical perspective. Bhai Veer Singh Ji was a pious gem of CKD and the entire Sikh community. He was a strong pillar of Educational Committee of CKD since its inception and participated in various Sikh Conferences and steered the Sikh community towards educational and cultural sectors.

He was honoured for his remarkable contribution towards Sikh community, Sikh religion and Indian culture by Govt. of Punjab and Govt. of India. He was the proud recipient of various awards namely D.O.L. membership by North Punjabi University, Solan, Shimla in 1954, Sahit Academy Award in 1954 and above all Padma Bhushan in 1956 for his exceptional literacy work ‘Abhinandan Granth’.

This towering personality and philanthropist reached his heavenly abode on June 10, 1957.

Bhai Arjan Singh Ji Bagrhian
(1875 - 1946)

Bhai Arjun Singh Bhagarian, tilted Chief much honoured in Sikh religion, was a descendant of Bhai Rup Chand , a devoted disciple of Guru Hargobind ji. He was born in 1875 to Bhai Kishan Singh at Bhagarian, a village in Sangrur distt. He received its early education under the patronage of his uncle in Bhai Narayan Singh who taught him several modern Indian and classical languages.

He was appointed as the first President of CKD and served in that capacity for nearly 15 years. He presided over the 27th Sikh Educational Conference in 1938 in Amritsar. He was awarded the title of Sardar Bahadur in 1916 and in June 1919, the ‘order to the British Empire’ was conferred upon him. He also served as President of the Khalsa Pratinidh Diwan Ludhiana, member of the Amritsar Khalsa College Managing Committee and member of the Shiromini Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee. He died on 8 November 1946.

S. Sunder Singh Ji Majithia
(1872 - 1941)

He was born on Feb 17, 1872 to Raja Surat Singh Ji in Majitha. He was rendered orphan when his both parents died in 1875 and 1881 respectively. He received his education from ‘Aitchison College and Govt. College Lahore’. He was married to Bibi Parssan Kaur, daughter of the renowned and eminent scholar and musician, Sir Attar, Chief of Bhasaur of Princely State of Patiala in 1890. He was bestowed with 5 sons – S. Kirpal Singh, S. Narayan Singh, S. Swinder Singh, S. Bhagwan Singh, S. Surjeet Singh. He was a devot follower of Gurubani Gurmat and Sikh principles due to which he partook amrit in 1889 from ‘Panj Pyare’ which included the names of Sant Attar Singh Ji and Giani Thakur Singh Ji. He joined Singh Sabha in Amritsar at about the age of 22 and became a member of Khalsa College Governing Council in 1895. Afterwards he remained the Secretary of Khalsa College Governing Council from 1902-1912 and then became its president in 1920.

He was the founder member of CKD since its inception in 1902 and rendered his services as secretary from 1902 and 1920 and then from 1934 – 1937. Under his patronage, CKD reached great heights in sikh education. He played an instrumental role in organising first Sikh Educational Conference in 1908 and chaired the 4th, 15th and 25th Sikh Educational Conference session. He expanded his business by opening first Sugar mill at Sardar Nagar, Gorakhpur, Besides contributing in social and educational up liftment of sikh masses, he also participated actively in Sikh politics. He was appointed the member of Viceroy Legislative Council in 1909 and played an important role in passing of the Anand Marriage Act. He was instrumental in getting 20% reservation for sikhs in government job.

He established Punjab and Sind Bank in Association with S. Sunder Singh Ji, Bhai Veer Singh Ji and S. Tarlochan Singh Ji in 1908 to improve the economic conditions of Sikh Businessmen, labourers and farmers. He was the revenue minister in Sikander Hayat Cabinet. He left for his heavenly abode on April 2, 1941.

He was bestowed with numerous Awards and Honours like S. Bahadar CIE, Sir, and Honorary Doctorate from Punjab University for his immense contributions in the field of education, commerce sikh culture and Sikh Principles.

S. Tarlochan Singh Ji
(1872 - 1947)

S. Tarlochan Singh Ji amongst the five founder gems of CKD was born in 1872. Singh Sabha was established in 1873. Among the contemporaries born in the same year were S. Surinder Singh Majithia and Bhai Veer Singh Ji. He belonged to a renowned family. His father was a revenue officer in revenue department of Punjab Govt. Influenced by Sikh principles and propagation by Singh Sabha, his family installed Guru Granth Sahib Ji in their house and there was rendition of religious hymns through out the day. He was M.A. LL.B. He decided to quit the profession of law which demanded to lie in court and being a truthful and devout Sikh, it was against his principles. He was married to the daughter of Minister of princely state of Patiala. She was highly educated, religious minded women and inspite of belonging to a renowned family. She was very humble and down to earth. S. Tarlochan Singh had no child. His sister inhirited the ancestral property after his death.

He took the huge responsibility of establishing CKD and getting it registered as a society. He was amongst the founder members of Khalsa College, Khalsa Tract Society, Sikh Educational Conference and Central Khalsa Orphanage. His expertise in banking sector was not only appreciated Sikh community but also by entire Punjab region. He took equal interest in Sikh religion, brotherhood, education and economic matters. He was the founder director of Punjab and Sind Bank which was established in 1908. His Prowess futuristic vision, able guidance as member of CKD, Khalsa Tract Society, Sikh Educational Conference helped these establishments to continue performing while achieving great heights.

S. Harbans Singh Ji Attari
(1878 - 1936)

Great grandson of S. Shyam Singh Attari, S Harbans Singh Attari was born in 1878 to S. Ajit Singh. He received his education form Lahore. His immense faith in Sikhism on his parts of being patient, loving, caring and realistic. He was associated with “Dharam Prachar Committee” of CKD. He simplified the teachings of Sikh guru for the messes and persuaded them to refrain from old age social evils and superstitions. In association with his contemporaries S. Sundar S Majithia, Bhai Veer Singh and Trilochan Singh, he established Central Khalsa Orphanage Amritsar to provide helter to orphans and continued to work as its Member Incharge till his last breath. Today there are 300 orphans and visually impaired children in this orphanage.

He had strong educational affiliations. During his trip to Sind (Pakistan), he along with S. Sundar Singh Ji Majithia nurtured and fulfilled the dream of establishing Educational Committee of CKD. He got the honour of chairing 10th All India Sikh Educational Conference in 1917. He was the Joint Secretary of CKD from 1919 to 1921 and then Honorary Secretary from 1921 – 1934. He was the President of Khalsa College from 1934 till his death in 1936.